About Us

The mission of the Traveling Seed is to provide couples with personalized, high-quality In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment in a location where it is a more affordable medical option.

We work to make the process as stress-free as possible by providing personalized services to guide couples every step of the way in obtaining infertility treatment abroad. We make all necessary arrangements and even enable you to turn your visit to a fertility clinic into a vacation.

Our company was founded to help couples struggling with infertility and who may have had a failed IVF cycle in the United States. The cost of fertility care in the United States is extremely high and most insurance plans do not cover fertility treatments. This makes the infertility journey even more challenging as economic limitations exacerbate an already stressful process.

To address this problem, the Traveling Seed provides an affordable option abroad that can help couples realize their dreams of becoming parents through IVF treatment. Our founder, Kirshe Martinez, went through this process herself to have her first child. (Read more about Kirshe’s story). We’ve been where you are now – and we’ve conducted extensive research, vetting, and planning so that you don’t have to.

We have partnered with one of the best fertility clinics in Europe, located in the Czech Republic. Altogether, the cost of IVF treatment and medication at this clinic are up to 50% lower than in the United States. Even after covering the cost of flights, accommodation, and some additional services, you would still be saving up to 50% of what the fertility treatment would cost you in the United States. See our Services for more details.

If you choose to work with us, we can be there to arrange everything you need – not only in terms of treatment. We also work to take the edge off the stressful IVF experience by enabling you to enjoy a great vacation abroad.

We are here to help you and guide you. We know what you are going through, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Our Founder’s Story

Hi, I’m Kirshe, the founder of the Traveling Seed. This is the story of how – after two years of infertility struggles – I finally conceived my first child by undergoing IVF treatment abroad and had the positive experience that prompted me to build this business.

After two years of attempting to get pregnant, and having a failed IUI and failed IVF cycle while attending one of the best fertility clinics in New York, my partner and I decided to embark on a journey to try our luck abroad.

We had been devastated when we learned that our first IVF cycle was unsuccessful. Doctors told me that I had blighted ovum – a condition I had never heard of before. Basically, it meant that my belly grew for a while with no baby inside. It wasn’t until we went in for a sonogram with a doctor that we learned the implanted embryo hadn’t developed and that my womb was empty.

We were crushed. And on top of the disappointment and emotional upheaval, we were under financial pressure. My partner and I are both middle-class professionals, but we had spent a considerable amount of our savings on the two fertility treatments performed in the United States. Our dream of having a healthy baby together seemed like it was becoming unattainable.

Then my partner had a brilliant idea: “Why don’t we go abroad for IVF treatment?” Immediately, we started researching the idea, but we found the amount of information online to be overwhelming. Moreover, finding reputable reviews of respected but affordable clinics abroad proved difficult.

Finally, after more than two months of daily research and being in a constant state of information overload, we narrowed our search down to a handful of fertility clinics in the Czech Republic. The prices there were significantly lower than what we had paid in the United States, but there were still many uncertainties, and the amount of further research we needed to conduct was making a stressful situation even more difficult. At last, after a lot of back and forth, we decided to go with a clinic in Brno, Czech Republic.

Even after settling on this choice, though, we needed to do more planning: we had to book flights, accommodation, ground transportation, and a local concierge. Despite the challenges, we managed it, and I eventually got to Brno, where I had an appointment at our chosen fertility clinic the next day. Luckily, the place immediately put me at ease. The staff spoke perfect English, the clinic was spotless, and everything was very well organized. The best news of all: a few weeks after returning to the United States, my doctor confirmed what we had been longing to hear for so long. I was pregnant!

Given that we now have a healthy little boy, I couldn’t be happier about the decision we made. However, the whole experience was an emotional rollercoaster which definitely had more downs than ups. My mission now is to offer help to all women in a similar situation. I want to make the process of obtaining IVF abroad easy and stress-free for you, and help you reap the benefits from what I learned. Please contact us to find out more about how to pursue your traveling seed.
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